About us

Who we are

In 2008, we started our operations offering plain vanilla voice for our customers. Then we started with bandwidth distribution from our collocation servers. This was followed by conferencing solutions, webcasting and remote worker solutions. However, we realized that something wasn’t really adding up, as we weren’t getting our customers to do their businesses better, as they were dependent on multiple providers for their communication needs.

After many meetings with our customers and partners, internal sessions, loads of coffee and fair amount of beer, we came to this Eureka moment:

Customers should be allowed to pick and choose their communication needs from a single platform with a single bill.

It was time to make it easy and simple for our customers. We wanted them to communicate from wherever they are using whatever devices they had access to. We introduced virtual office solutions, SOHO solutions, mobility, aggregated bandwidth with 100% SLAs, conferencing and telephony – all delivered from the cloud on a pay-as-you-go model. Now, we added the call center platform with WebRTC, Intelligent Chatbot, Video Interactions, with text and voice analytics. Today, we are recognized as one of the Top 25 Unified Communication Solution Providers.

All of this together, we call it, VIVADigital.