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Do you need to make calls from Microsoft Teams?
Does your business need a fully managed, secure and high-speed internet?
Do you have multiple locations that require SLA driven broadband from a single vendor?
Looking for reliable & cost effective connectivity for your branches?
Who said MPLS can’t be replaced?
Are you looking to connect all your branches with one vendor?
Do you need to connect remote sites?
Have you heard of this magic edge router where you can store and run applications from?
Do you want to establish a powerful wireless WAN using 5G?
Do you want to collaborate with your customers through voice, video, messaging from the cloud?
Are you looking for a cloud telephony solution?
Are you looking to build excellent customer relationships using a cloud contact center?
Do you want to integrate your MS Teams with a contact center?
Discover how AI powered bots enhance customer service.
Do you want to connect to customers on their favourite app?
Manage customer inquiries with AI
Do you want to integrate voice to your favourite CRM?
Enable your customers to connect with your sales team with a single click.
Do you have employees frequently moving around that need secure access to business apps?

Our Products

Explore Viva’s extensive range of communication solutions, incorporating Microsoft Teams Telephony, Cloud Contact Centers, Chatbots, and AI, alongside voice connectivity and lightning-fast internet options. With remote connectivity powered by SD-WAN and 5G/4G, rest assured your business stays connected and secure.

Why Viva

With over 15 years of experience & 1000+ clients worldwide, Viva is your trusted business communications and connectivity solutions partner!. Fully compliant with DoT and TRAI regulations and a range of business solutions, you can rely on us for tailored, reliable services at the best prices.
Competitive Advantage
Our competitive advantage stems from our status as a licenced service provider compliant with DoT and TRAI regulations. We offer innovative solutions, embrace various technologies, and foster close partnerships with leading Telcos and Tier 1 Carriers.
Quick Deployment
Viva's swift deployment empowers businesses to effortlessly implement tailored solutions, meeting their unique needs with minimal disruption and boosting productivity. This ensures quick adaptation, helping you stay ahead in today's ever-changing landscape.
24/7 Support
We provide round-the-clock support, allowing businesses to receive immediate assistance for issue resolution without disruptions in operations. From service implementation to delivery, comprehensive assistance is provided at every step of the way.
Competitive pricing
Benefit from our competitive pricing at Viva. Access a wide range of tailored business solutions without breaking the bank. Our cost-effective approach maximises value without compromising quality.

Trusted By

We are trusted by clients globally for our unwavering reliability, expertise, and dedication to their success. 
Count on us for innovative solutions and exceptional support tailored to your business needs.

Viva Showcase

Explore our comprehensive videos featuring in-depth demonstrations and insights into our range of cutting-edge products and solutions, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business.

Viva Meet - The best Cloud Telephony App

Viva WhatsApp for Business

Customer Success Stories

Delve into compelling case studies illustrating how Viva has transformed businesses through tailored solutions, innovative technologies, and dedicated support, providing actionable insights for your own organisational growth and success.

Rolling through remote challengers and treading ne…

The client needed a secure, reliable, and cost-effective network solution, whether wireline or wireless, to connect their remote hill station and terrain sites. Furthermore, they sought a single platform to centrally manage…

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Making the Journey Safe and Sound: Navigating Toll…

The client sought an alternative to MPLS VPN for a bandwidth capacity of 4 Mbps, requiring a secure, reliable, and cost-effective network solution, either wireline or wireless. Additionally, they needed to manage their IT network…

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Simplified Lead Generation with SIP Trunk technolo…

Viva addressed the client’s issue and provided them with a SIP Trunk. Other features included in the solution; Centralised Management of Voice services through a single interface, making it easier to monitor and maintain the system….

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Stitching Connectivity across Locations with Multi…

Viva addressed the client’s issues and provided them with Internet Connectivity with SD-WAN for Fibre connectivity with SIM failover. Other features included in the solution.A pioneer in the textile industry, it is headquartered…

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Lead Generation Simplified with Customised Virtual…

The primary challenge for the client was ensuring dependable call quality to facilitate efficient lead-generation activities. Despite having APAC DID numbers, the client experienced difficulties with call connectivity and quality,….

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