Viva Fusion

Empower Your Business with Uninterrupted Connectivity

A cutting-edge Software-defined Internet Leased Line solution, making connectivity smarter, more resilient & failsafe!

Plans start @ Rs.100/day

What is Viva Fusion?

Viva Fusion is an innovative Software-defined Internet Leased Line connectivity solution equipped with built-in security features and the capability to reroute network paths for remote locations, ensuring dependable and seamless network performance.

Symmetric Bandwidth

It ensures that the available bandwidth is symmetrical, providing a more reliable and powerful internet experience.

Assured SLA Uptime

With a 99.5% * uptime promise, you can be certain that your business can run smoothly without hiccups.

Dual Last-Mile Connectivity

Viva connections offer dual lines by default for path diversity and redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted internet access.

When Reliability Matters Most

“Network redundancy using secondary last mile connectivity and continuity mechanism in which data traffic is automatically rerouted (Auto-failover) from a primary network connection to a secondary or backup connection in case of a failure or disruption on the primary link.”

Bridging Connectivity Beyond City Limits

Viva has an extensive and accessible network presence from Metros to Tier 4 cities and remote locations, ensuring businesses in these areas can access high-quality, uninterrupted internet connectivity, bridging the digital divide and fostering digital inclusion.

Proactive Monitoring and Management

We continuously monitor, analyse, and optimise the network, ensuring a threat-free, secure, and seamless business experience with our proactive scanning methods.

We offer technical assistance 24*7 from our central Network Operation Center, supporting all time zones!

Why Viva Fusion

Reasons why you should choose Viva over other traditional service providers!

Solution Capabilities Viva Fusion Traditional ILL
1:1 Dedicated Bandwidth
Static IP
Fully Managed Service
Optional at additional cost
Built-in dual wired last mile
Automatic Failover
4G LTE Backup for Uptime
Super-Fast Installation

Overloaded with features

Static IP

Fully Managed Services

Automatic failover between links

Pro-active monitoring and management

Single point of contact for all locations

Rack rate pricing

Hybrid Network Solution using wired and 4G LTE

Rapid delivery (1 to 2 weeks)

Attractive pricing

Futuristic SD-WAN connectivity solution

Handles multiple services & applications

Viva Fusion Price Plans

Customer stories

Unlocking Success Stories: Our Case Studies Speak for Themselves.

A financial company in India with 1200+ branches serving 3 Million customers.

Viva provided a cutting-edge connectivity solution tailored to their needs. Read More

Fleet operator for travel vehicles with 900+ destinations across India.

Viva provided a cutting-edge connectivity solution tailored to their needs. Read More

Financial holding company based out of India and operating worldwide.

Viva delivered an innovative connectivity solution to meet their requirements. Read More


  • What is Viva Fusion (SD-ILL)?

    SD-ILL is an acronym for "Software Defined – Internet Leased line", a future-ready technology that is a fusion of the dual broadband link to offer 1:1 symmetric throughput of leased line Internet. It enables business continuity by having a built-in backup in nature for path diversity and automatic shift over of traffic to ensure maximum uptime.

  • The SD-ILL comes with an attractive price structure bundled with various value-added services at the same cost, making the customers hassle-free network services for business continuity.

  • The current Internet market is predominantly multiple ISPs offering their traditional ILL to customers. But, with many limitations, such as feasibility becoming an issue on terrestrial, wireless connectivity has issues like permissions for mounting the antennas & masts, high initial costs, and the customer having to depend on multiple service providers to connect remote locations. In contrast, Viva Fusion leverages broadband last miles and enables software-defined leased lines to customers across locations.

    Also, the traditional ILL is more expensive, and backup links with managed services come at an additional cost.

  • While businesses of all sizes may use Viva Fusion, it is ideal for SMEs with branch offices across multiple locations. Companies today find managing multiple internet service providers for various site offices challenging. Viva Fusion solves this issue by becoming a single point of contact for all your locations.

  • Viva Fusion offers SD-ILL on the wired network and a complete cellular-based wireless Internet solution using our proprietary modem. It comprises various built-in SIM slots, high gain power antennas and 2 WAN ports as an option. The multi-cellular connection gives carrier-level redundancy with automatic shiftover of traffic between the network when any one line fails.